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Please note: Seeds of Diversity has no store, and no mail order seed sales. We collect back-up seed samples for conservation of endangered varieties, and recruit volunteers to help grow fresh seeds. This list is here to help you find commercial sources, and to help us set our conservation priorities.

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Gourd - Varieties Sold in Canada

Autumn Wing Large
Autumn Wing Medium
Autumn Wing Small
Autumn Wings
Baseball Bat
Bicolor Pear
Birdhouse / Bottle
Black Giant #2
Bottle, Tai Hoo
Caveman's Club
Crown of Thorns
Cuccuzi Italian
Galaxy of Stars
Giant Bottle
Giant Bushel
Green Birdhouse
Hairy Gourd, Fong Show
Hairy Gourd, Fuzzy Star
Hairy Gourd, New Jang Sin
Koshare Yellow
Large Turk's Turban
Long Bottle
Long Handled Dipper
Luffa, Cee Gwa, Chinese Okra Smooth
Luffa, Chang Lu
Luffa, Emerald
Luffa, Miriam
Luffa, Tri-leaf
Luffa, Yu Sing
Luffa, Zou Sing
Lunch Lady
Lunch Lady Warted
Martinhouse Bottle
Minature Bottle
Mini Red Turban
Orange Ball
Seven Star Winter Melon
Shenot Crown of Thorns
Sicilian Serpent
Speckled Swan
Tiny Bottle
Warty Cup
Wax Boy #2
White Egg
Yellow Cup